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Charge Master Reviews and Consulting Services

Medical Bureau of Economics, a subsidiary of ROI, includes a full service consulting practice that provides a unique Charge Master Review program and “friendly” Management Workshops. An ROI Charge Master Review reduces billing errors, identifies revenue opportunities and minimizes financial risks. This comprehensive study assesses the quality, appropriateness and compliance of 100% of hospital charges – both coded and uncoded. More than 100 hospitals have taken advantage of this program to date. The Charge Master Review includes numerous detailed reports that support our findings and recommendations and includes a formal exit conference to review project results. Each project includes:

  • In-depth Medicare APC analysis
  • Laboratory and Rehab fee schedule comparison
  • Identification of potential compliance issues
  • Validity test for HCPCS and revenue coding

Please Contact The ROI to see how we can help your company.


A healthy Charge Master or Charge Description Master (CDM) is essential to your hospital’s financial and compliance livelihood. It needs constant attention. CDMaintain© is a simple cost-effective Charge Master maintenance program that will help you keep your CDM current, complete, and coded accurately. CDMaintain© requires no complex system installation. There is no lengthy contract. Its focus is on customer service.

CDMaintain© includes:

  • Quarterly reviews
  • Unlimited Questions
  • On-site Services
  • A Single Consultant That Works for You

Please visit our CDMaintain website for more information: