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Why ROI?


Healthcare business offices are constantly asked to do more with less - reduce days outstanding and increase cash while also reducing the workforce. At the same time, insurers are making the job more difficult and time consuming while new regulations further complicate the process.

To help business office managers answer this challenge, ROI has introduced its Self Pay Conversion and Insurance Screener Programs. Each is aimed at maximizing cash recoveries on hard to get at outpatient Self Pay, Commercial and Managed Care accounts. This allows providers to focus limited resources on large dollar, higher pay off portions of the receivable.

But best of all, the cost of these programs is far outweighed by the increased benefits associated with maximizing available cash flow and most importantly - reducing bad debt expense.


Your staff is like any other financial investment and should be placed where it can yield the greatest return - while also minimizing the associated risk. ROI's Self Pay Conversion and Insurance Screener Programs allow you to do just that.

Patient accounting reps are best focused on the high dollar inpatient and larger outpatient accounts. Whenever reps handle an inbound call from an outpatient self pay patient, or remain on hold for extended periods of time with insurance carriers, high balance accounts must be set aside.

Partnering with ROI, your staff can now:

 dealing with time consuming inbound patient calls.

 spending hundreds of hours on hold with insurance companies trying to resolve small dollar outpatient claims.

 setting up and administering patient payment programs which have historically shown limiting overall success. 
START spending more time on large dollar claims.

START maximizing the potential cash flow for small dollar outpatient accounts..

START reducing bad debt write-off expense